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A downloadable game

A short game realized as an entry for the IGMC 2017 contest, made with RPG Maker MV.


Discover the story of a young child, who was given the duty to rule an empire by his lineage. His father, the last emperor, was known for his madness as a tyrant. The boy, whose name is Aren, tries to surpass his father's authority figure by being more fair for people.

His older brother, whose name is Nantas, gave him the throne because he felt that he was not built to rule. His brotherly love gave him a new duty after the event : protect his little brother, and help him carry his burden.

But the Councillor, the most powerful man before the emperor, realizes that Aren time after time becomes unable to carry the amount of work of an emperor anymore. Nantas is worried about his brother, becoming at the same time aware of his incapacity to help properly Aren.

The story in the game begins when the Councillor, worried about the safety of the empire, decides to seize power. Whatever may be the price to save the country : exile, or regicide.


  • A short but full experience of around thirty or forty minutes
  • Discovering of an original story
  • Classical RPG in turn based combat
  • Combat systems as Stances to adapt the fighter strategically
  • Custom sprites for characters, as a fully pixel art drawn battler
  • Exploration in a castle

This game is a part of a bigger project, and works as a story-demo. Things like combat system and layouts may change in the bigger project. However, the story told in that game is the prologue of the bigger project's story.

Feel free to play the game and let some reviewing if you want. Every feedback will be taken in count.

I am sorry in advance for all people that will play the game : the game has some bugs, and one stops the progression at 30 minutes or so.

Time went fast and I didn't really have the time to test the game. I am sorry for this.

I am proceeding right now at the enhancement and the fixing of the game, so that when IGMC is over, I can release it again, this time, without any bugs. However, the game is currently playable, but the game will stop as I said above.

Thank you for understanding.


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